Monday, June 19, 2017

Weekend Highlights : Gimp turns Grump

Comin' atcha with some one handed typing here folks, so don't expect a novel.

If you saw my Instagram then you know my hand is broken, and I have this weird splint contraption that I get to sport for the next 5-6 weeks. I also decided, by way of reading WebMD that I have a cracked rib. Though since I also read there is nothing to do but rest it, I'm refusing to get it confirmed by an actual professional.

I pretty much did nothing all weekend. How's that for some highlights.

No run Saturday morning, no hike Sunday morning.

Mr. Sass and I hosted the in-laws for an early Father's Day on Saturday.

I went to a Pirate's baseball game on Saturday as part of a  bachelorette party, and got to drive my own car for the first time since Thursday. Stick shift lyfe ain't always glamorous, but I made it work.

Asked Mr. Sass to make me french toast Sunday morning. Only to discover we were out of syrup. NBD. I put peanut butter & jelly on mine instead. Mr. Sass however proceeded to pout & eat his pancakes totally dry. Shrugs. Sorry kiddo, hard to know if we're out of something if you use the last of it & then never mention it to the person who buys the groceries but so rarely uses syrup.

Then I went to the grocery store where everything took me 3x as long as usual.

And now I'm just hosting a pity party for 1 about all the things I can't do with this bum hand of mine. I pretty much can't use it at all, even though my thumb, index & middle fingers are "free". They're at a weird angle that makes it hard to do EVERYTHING.

Trying to focus on the positives, but having trouble. Especially workout wise. WHAT CAN I DO. Do you guys have specific workouts you love? Things that shake it up so I won't get bored? I can't just sit around for 6 weeks.

Is this the worst post I've ever written? Hmm. Possibly. IDGAF right now, really.

Also, a woman this morning at work asked me to hold the door for her, because she was carrying a lot of things. I just looked at my arm, looked at her, then lazily opened the door with my hip, while my face clearly read - "ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?". So yeah, that's how today is going.

HELP - any workouts that would work one handed?
Send them my way.
Tell me something good.

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Friday, June 16, 2017

Friday Five #69

Guys. Woof. I am glad it's Friday. But, there is no rest for the wicked, plenty of plans this weekend, some early Father's Day celebrations and a Bachelorette party, plus maybe a trail run? We shall see.

one // I was out for a leisurely bike ride Thursday morning, about 1.5 miles away from my car. When I rounded a bend where they were doing road work and with no warning the sidewalk and bike lane were totally blocked off. I swerved to miss hitting the blockade but my bike tire caught the edge of the sidewalk and I totally bit it.

PSA : This is why you always wear your helmet. I hit my face hard, but my helmet saved me from busting my head open.

A few folks stopped to help me, and genuinely, I was more stunned than hurt when I first fell. I rode the 1.5 miles back to my car, and that was when I started to hurt. My hand especially. I think I landed on it? Or my bike did? Or something. It had gotten worse throughout the day today (Thursday) so stay tuned since I'll probably have a hot date with Urgent Care later tonight. I'll keep y'all updated on Insta. And I'll be giving this bike riding bit a rest since my bike needs some TLC before he's ready to ride again.

two // One of these things is not like the other...alternate caption, 1 cider, 3 stouts. Met up with Gretchen & Mr. Gretchen, and dragged along Mr. Sass to trivia at Whole Foods Pub on Tuesday. We came in dead last, but my raffle ticket won me a $15 gift card. And, I'll brush up on my Katy Perry song knowledge for next time. But our team name, Twist and Stout was on point.

three // I totally nailed my meal prep game for lunches this week. And my veggie intake.

four // Can I take a cop out since my face is all busted & skip #4? How about Mr. Sass just texted to tell me that the storm ripping through just tore all the lattice off our back porch. I don't think today is our day. I think we should just go to bed, let the universe re-set and try it again tomorrow. Honestly.

five // A fewwww funnies before my brain runs out of steam here.

What are you up to this weekend?
What was your last injury?
Or last time you broke something?

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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Coffee Chat : June 2017

Okay, so far so good back on the blogging wagon. Here I am, 2 posts in a row. BAM.

Even now that we're done wedding-ing, I feel like I have so much to catch up on. Even though I saw many of my friends and family at the MacMod wedding last month, it's not like we got to sit down and gab for an hour. In fact, I feel like I barely got to see people. I feel like I have lots that my friends are up to that I want to hear about.

I would love to have a coffee date with errybody - but maybe iced coffee, because the heat and humidity are finally here. We turned on the AC Sunday night. After I thought I was cool to leave it off, but I tossed and turned and finally woke up all overheated at 1AM and had to get up, close all the windows, and turn the AC on. Hmph.

If we were having coffee...

I'd tell you that I really want to recap our Switzerland trip. But I'm sort of lost for how to start. I feel like it was all so incredible, and I took over 3,000 pictures, sooo, not sure how to narrow that down. But, here's another teaser. Do you guys like big, long recaps? Mostly just pictures with a few highlights?

I'd tell you that I used Instagram Stories for the first time last weekend, and I think I like it, even if I'm still not really sure how they work. Do you guys like Instagram stories? For those of you reading that follow me (or want to follow me) what types of stuff do you guys like to see? Like my super simple crockpot dinner?

I'd tell you we're having family over on Saturday. And I am so excited to use some of our new serving dishes!

I'd tell you that our dinner on Sunday was amazing. And I didn't manage to snap a picture. We had grilled salmon, that we did on our salt block, so it was super flaky and salty. Plus grilled asparagus, potatoes & bell peppers. And I made a quick sangria with some sliced peaches & nectarines, plus Merlot, a splash of Triple Sec & a splash of the orange soda that Mr. Sass was drinking and it turned out great!

I'd also tell you that bike rides are the best. And more light in the mornings makes for great bike riding, before all the crazies are out texting and driving.

What would you tell me if we got to grab coffee?
What's your favorite thing to grill?
Do you like Instagram Stories?
If so - what do you like to see?

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Monday, June 12, 2017

Weekend Highlights : Hi, remember me?

Okay - so remember that one time when I was all like "Heeeyyyy, I'm back from wedding-ing, and honeymooning"? And then I dropped one blog post & ghosted again? No? Cool. Well, I'm officially actually back, and planning to try real hard to be here. But if I'm being honest, I feel like planning a wedding used up all my available creativity for 2017, so who knows. I've been enjoying having zero commitments. Other than going to work, since I'm pretty much out of vacation days. Otherwise, I'm embracing it.

But, I managed to get my act together today, and by that, I mostly mean Mr. Sass got home from work at 7AM, and needs to sleep, and blogging is the quietest activity I can manage. Either way, let's ease me back into this whole blogging bit. I've not been here, but I've been posting on Instagram, so lawd knows I remember how to hashtag...

#GettingWildOnAFridayNight #ThenIStayedUpTooLateWatchingHGTV #MilkAndCookieIceBoxCakes #TheyGotDemolished #SoIGuessTheyWereGood #AlsoMyFirstIGStory #DidIDoItRight?

#LattesOverLongRuns #WeFancy #IRan5MilesBeforeThis #IAlsoAteHalfAMuffin #ItTastedFunny #SoIGaveTheRestToMrSass #WhoDidntSeemToNotice

#BikeRideBecauseMrSassNeededMoreSleep #TanLineGameInProgress #15MilesAndSoreSitBones

#FineWinesAndTanLines #WineSlushiesForTheWin #LaCasaNarcisi

#NewBFFs #SheKeptFeedingHimCrackers #AlsoPeepTheShoesOfThePeopleWhoSatUnnecessarilyCloseToUsWhenThereWasPlentyOfRoomElsewhere #TooLongAHashtag? #Nah

#CoffeeOnTheBackPorch #InMyNewSwitzerlandMug #AvoidingMealPrepAndWritingThankYouNotesAndCleaningTheHouse #AvoidingAdultingInGeneral

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Thursday, June 1, 2017

June 2017 goals + May goal recap

Hiiiiii, I'm baaaaack! Did you miss me, Internet Friends? It has certainly been weird not logging in here a few times each week to catch up with you all, but sometimes a break is nice.

I hope you'll catch me up on a little bit of what you've been up to these past few weeks in the comments! I've missed you!

I kept it SIMPLE for my May goals. It turned out to be quite the month, just like I knew it would. But, were home from Switzerland, so now it's back to real life, and real goals. And SUMMERTIME!

First things first, how did I do on my May goals?

Enjoy my people | There is just never enough time!
So many friends and family came from all over the country to celebrate with us. We had 15 states represented. We did an open house Friday night of wedding weekend, a meet and greet of sorts. Plus got up extra early on Sunday to join some family at breakfast before they headed home and it STILL WASN'T ENOUGH. But, there never seems to be enough time when it comes to family and friends. So, we soaked up all the love we could, until next time. 7 cousins, 1 brother and 1 husband + me, all squeezed into one picture. :)

Get married | 'Til death do us part
The wedding went off flawlessly. If anything went wrong on the day of I didn't know about it, which is fine by me. The cake - which I let Mr. Sass be in charge of turned out just fine. Even if he did tell the woman at the bakery - "I don't care, do what you want, it's for a wedding". Oh boy. So the cake flavor was a total surprise when we finally cut into it. The verdict? It was alternating layers of vanilla and chocolate. The ultimate indecision pleaser.

Enjoy HM#10 | Thoroughly enjoyed!
If you missed my recap of half marathon #10, you can find it here. But spoiler alert, Gretchen and I ran together and had a blast. I turned in my personal worst half marathon time, and didn't mind one bit. It was just what I needed when there was a lot of other things going on in life, like oh, you know, wedding planning. While I don't think I'll do most of my races "just for fun" it was definitely a nice break.

Travel cross country via train | So many trains, so many places!
Train travel in Switzerland was the best. The trains are super clean, run frequently, are well labeled, and you can drink booze on them. Some even have carts that come around and sell beer and wine. Yes, please. I shamelessly added this to my May goals knowing it was already on the agenda. But, it's been on my 30 before 30 for years, so consider it crossed off!

Now it's June. Which I really cannot believe. I feel like the first 5 months of the year were consumed with all things wedding, which, they totally were. I'm looking forward to getting back to my true self. Spending more time doing things I really enjoy, and less time doing things like de-wrinkling tablecloths.

More outdoor workouts | How's that for vague? What is "more" exactly? Well, while I'm still working on a training plan or sorts for my upcoming metric century bike ride, and sprint triathlon, I'd like to incorporate at least one bike ride, and one trail run each week, in addition to my weekly outdoor long run.

More outdoor time | Not only do I want to spend more of my workout time outside, but more of my time in general outside. Whether it's taking a walk after dinner, reading a book on the porch, or working in the garden, there is no excuse, when we have a beautiful back porch, to sit inside. I also want to make sure that plans with friends are outside whenever possible. Even if that just means a picnic in the park versus inside.

Portion Control + MFP | Man,oh man. I am so bad when it comes to portion control. I fill the plate, or the bowl, or the container, or whatever. I'm not loving how some of my clothes have been fitting, so it's back to portion control. I do really well with measuring out a portion of food, eating that amount, and then waiting 20-30 minutes to decide if I am still genuinely hungry. If I am, I eat more, if I am not, then I don't. Harder than it sounds, surprisingly.  Food tastes good. Plus tracking it all in My Fitness Pal.

Bust out thank you notes | My goal is to be totally finished writing these by the end of June. This is one of those things that I can do outside. Mr. Sass and I plan to split them up, but he struggles, so really, I write like 4 in the time it takes him to come up with, "Thank you for the ____". Greeaaaat. All in one chunk it seems overwhelming. But if we each just bust out 5-10 a day we could be done in about a week and a half!

Start TRI training | I did one sprint tri back in 2015 and absolutely crushed it. The timing and available races haven't worked out to race another since then, but I have one on my calendar for August and I am jazzed. I loved tri training, though, for the life of me, I can't find the plan I used back in 2015. So, sounds like I'll be making another and starting that up this month.

What are some of your June goals?
Anyone have any good tri-training resources to share?
What's one food you have no self control with?

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Friday, May 12, 2017

Friday Five #68

Alternate Title : It's MacMod Wedding weekend! Ahhhh! Seriously, 8 months ago when this guy asked me to marry him, I never quite imagined the time would fly by like it has. Or that table runners would be stressing me out. Or that my dress would have just arrived to Pittsburgh late last night. Or that people would suck so bad at RSVP-ing.

Things going on this weekend... so much love from all my people. Starting in a few hours we're setting up our reception venue, all the way down to the chair covers, and the Pittsburgh Cookie Table. 1200-ish cookies? Don't mind if I do.

Today's Friday Five is going to be a little different than the rest. No funnies, you'll have to find those elsewhere. Instead, I'm talking 5 relationship moments. The ones that stick out more than the rest. Other than that, just call me Mrs. Sass, and I'll catch y'all on the flip side. I probably won't make it back here until post honeymoon, or maybe even June, but, I'll be on Instagram, so follow me there.

one // On our third date Mr. Sass took me hiking to Ohiopyle, we hiked a few different trails, and even snapped this awkward picture of us. We grabbed a burger mid-day, and after he dropped me off, we were having so much fun that I just grabbed a shower and headed to his house for dinner. I was doing Whole 30 at the time, so he graciously listened to all the rules, cooked me dinner, and then asked me to be his girlfriend.

| side note | - Can we talk about how many things I'm wearing around my right wrist? Why was I doing this!? Also, why did I keep doing it for months following this picture!?

two // The first time he told me he loved me. Mr. Sass planned a winter camping trip, in the dead of December so I could test out my hiking gear for Kilimanjaro. He even convinced 2 of our friends they should join us. Day 1 was great, but day 2 was about as enjoyable as you would expect camping in December to be.

three // How about the time when less than a year into our relationship, we booked a trip to New Zealand further into the future than the amount of time we had been dating. And somehow it all worked fine, and I may have gotten a little hangry, but no one died. 

four // We had had a long weekend planned for months. While I thought there was a chance he might propose this weekend, I definitely had my doubts, he just seemed like his normal self. Wasn't he supposed to be acting all nervous and weird? Instead we hopped out to a rock in front of a waterfall, and he got down on one knee. You can read the rest of our engagement story here.

five // I think sometimes in the day to day, and all the little things that make life keep spinning, like, what's for dinner, and put tissues on the grocery list, and mowing the grass, it can be easy to forget some of the things that you love most about this person. These qualities are not at the front of your mind. Then one thing happens and they're tossed back in front of you and you remember how great this person is and why it is you want to share your food with them love them forever. Like when your future MIL has pneumonia and Mr. Sass hops out of bed after an hour of sleep to make quiche, mop floors, and without a single complaint. If there is ever an emergency, whether it be shortbread bars or a burning building, without a doubt I want Mr. Sass on my team.

Am I nervous about Saturday? Yes. I'm nervous we'll run out of booze, or cups, or ice, or that the weather will suck and rain all day. I'm nervous that the priest won't show, or a groomsman will be late, or my hair will look terrible. I'm nervous about a million things, but none of them are you. None of them are about committing in front of friends and family to spend my life with you. That doesn't make me nervous at all.

No questions - but leave me your best piece of marriage advice if you have any.

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Sunday, May 7, 2017

Pittsburgh Half Marathon 2017 Race Recap

If you tuned in to my May goals last week, then you know that my goal for this half was to have fun! Honestly, I'm not sure I can say I've ever had a good experience at this race. Partly due to the hot humid weather that usually plagues race weekend, and partly due to the high expectations I place on myself each year. This year was void of both.

Several folks asked me if I was going to race Pittsburgh after my underwhelming race at Boston Trail Half Marathon two weeks ago. And my answer? Nope. I know myself well enough to know that if I put a goal in my brain, and then failed, I would spend the first few days of this week having a pity party, something I didn't want leading up to the MacMod wedding this weekend.

So, my only goal (okay, two goals) for my tenth half? Have fun & finish the race. And, spoiler alert. I totally nailed it!

Gretchen and I made plans to stick together and enjoy ourselves. After deciding this, I proceeded to break pretty much the Golden Rule of Racing - nothing new on race day.

New Thing #1 : The weather made dressing for the race super confusing. Raining when I left the house, with temps hovering right around 40. Potential to be sunny by race start, and the temp ended up rising to the low 50's. I was way overdressed in my long sleeve and capris, an outfit I had never worn together before. I carefully laid out my Flat Jessie, only to change my mind 10 nanoseconds after I took this picture and wear a totally different shirt.

New Thing #2 : After my aid station snafu two weeks prior, and at the many suggestions of all of you, I decided to carry my hydration pack. Well, now I remember why I don't. While it's wonderful to have water whenever I want it, it definitely makes my lower back ache after a few miles. Maybe something to keep playing with.

New Thing #3 : Glukos. My fuel choice failed miserably my last half, so I chose Glukos, something I've had success with in the past on training runs. The thing I failed to consider, is that all the fuel on my training runs is taken while stopped. Sooooo, when I tried to take my fuel, which is totally liquid, on the move, I managed to send it down the wrong pipe and send myself into a coughing fit. Smooth move Jess.

New Thing #4 : I ran a race with my phone for the first time ever. I really enjoyed taking selfies, but don't think this will be a regular occurance for me.

Okay, back to the race.

Mile 1 // 9:01, Mile 2 // 8:50, Mile 3 // 8:56
Start time was 7AM, I was fully prepared to cross the start line around 710AM, but I did not expect it to be 720AM by the time we crossed the start.

It was still a little cloudy, but the rain had stopped and the temperature was comfortable. The start was crowded as I expected it to be, when we actually passed MM 1, my watch showed an 8:38. And it felt every bit that fast. We made it a point to slow down.

Mile 4 // 9:10, Mile 5 // 8:38, Mile 6 // 9:12
There was a course change this year, that I can't entirely remember the reason for. These miles were fairly unremarkable. A few hills. I believe Amanda found us at some point. Which still amazes me, because we've never actually met, unless you count the two times she has randomly spotted me from behind, all without knowing what I'm wearing. #Skillz

Mile 7 // 10:13, Mile 8 // 9:56, Mile 9 // 10:43
I had planned to take my fuel around mile 6. But, as we finished up mile 6, I saw an aid station was coming up. Gretchen was planning to grab some water, so I figured this was the perfect time to fuel. Or, end up sending it all down the wrong pipe, as the case may be. Oops. Walk break #1.

We headed over the West End Bride, and the Ohio River, before heading up another hill, making a quick loop and heading into the South Side. And also the point at which I acknowledged that my lower back was starting to ache. So we took a pretty damn long walk break as we headed up a small hill. It felt great to take a little break.

Mile 10 // 11:24, Mile 11 // 10:56, Mile 12 // 12:29

I was surprised at the lack of bands through this stretch, or music in general. The crowd support was nice, but I would have enjoyed some music. I had hoped to see a co-worker who was handing out I.C. Light. But I didn't know exactly where he would be, and ended up not spotting him. As we hit the Birmingham Bridge I told Gretchen I was planning to walk up the incline of the bridge. This was where another part of the course re-route for this year came into play. Typically after the incline portion of the bridge, there is a steep off ramp followed by an uphill portion. This year, the bridge was all uphill. You read that right, all uphill, to get us to our next turn and part of the final stretch.

Shortly after our turn off the bridge, we saw a beer stop, so you best believe we high tailed it over to grab a cup of beer! It was cold, and exactly what I needed.

Mile 13 // 10:03, .29 // 8:41 pace

The new course this year meant a new final few miles, though the finish line was the same as in years past. Gretchen and I picked it up for the final quarter mile or so, and in a totally cheesy finish line move, grabbed hands to cross the finish line together.

Garmin Time : 2:12.00
Official Time : 2:11.54

My finish time was officially a new personal worst, but a personal high, because through the back pain, and the walk breaks, and the coughing fit, I had a great time. I loved the no pressure zone. I loved that I was able to take a walk break because I was tired, or stop for beer, because I could. And I think that it's good to have a race like this every once and a while.

Who else raced this weekend?
When was the last time you raced just for fun?

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